19 de dezembro de 2016

Wonderland Lisbon

Oh Oh Oh, It's Christmas time, with all the colors and lights and food and drinks and crazy people on the streets.

In Lisbon, it’s party time. Do we celebrate Christmas like everyone else? 

Only if they’re crazy people too! Are you? Join us!

Let’s find out a bit what’s going on.

Imagine you are in Parque Eduardo VII (Eduardo VII Park), on top of one of Lisbon’s hills. 

You start in a garden where Botero’s sculptures look to the Tejo river. You have fat ladys with fat babies looking at our fat river. 

Then you cross the street and you’ll find a sculpture of João Culileiro, a monument to April 25th  (Revolution Day in Portugal, next year I’ll tell you all about the story around it and the gillyflowers). 

This monument… you have to see it by yourself. 

Something phallic that gushes…yap, we have a sculpture like this…

But then, you have one stunning view of the city and the river. A beautiful garden goes all the way down to Marquês de Pombal (The Marquis of the Pigeonry) - a huge roundabout with a sculpture of the Marquis in the middle of it.

This is where you’ll find Wonderland until January 8th 

You can ice skating and ride a Ferris wheel for free. 

 There’s also several stands with food and drinks, a great place to go with children and family.

2€ a glass

And we tried something different: 
Hot Wine. 

Yes, it’s wine and it’s hot. But if you think that the alcohol has evaporated with the temperature, you’re wrong. 

We can assure you. 

But you’ll feel really happy after drinking it!

After this, you can continue your journey through Avenida da Liberdade (Liberty’s Avenue), admire the Christmas lights and the city, until you reach Rossio.

Here you stop and drink the famous Ginginha (little cherry, a liqueur…look for it) and admire some more of the crazy Portuguese around. 


Yes, it’s a horse playing the piano. 

We have an open mind and if a horse wants to play the piano, a horse will play the piano!

In this case, the horse had a paper in front of him asking for donations because, and we quote: “It’s for an engagement ring”. 

So you see, if a horse wants to play the piano and get married in Lisbon, he can!... It can! He can…you got it right?

Continue walking through Rua Augusta (Augusta’s Street) until you find an arch (a beautiful one, you can go to the top and see the view). 

You have now arrived at Terreiro do Paço (let’s translate as Palace’s Yard). 

Enjoy the light show until December 25th

It’s called Circo de Luz (Circus of light) and it’s just beautiful!

You can see it from Monday to Friday at 19h, 20h, 21h, 22h (7,8,9,10pm) and on Saturdays and Sundays at 18h, 19h, 20h, 21h, 22h (6, 7, 8, 9, 10pm).

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