17 de novembro de 2016


Here are our famous deads.

All in the same place.  A VIP cemetery inside a church.

The Saint Engrácia’s Church - Igreja de Santa Engrácia
Lisbon - Alfama

The tombs are on the ground floor.

Who is a dead VIP in Portugal?

You can find tombs of presidents, like the one of our very first one Manuel de Arriaga.

You can find tombs of singers, like the one of Amália Rodrigues which had Fado running through her veins.

You can find tombs of football players (humf, ok ok, soccer players) like the one of Eusébio, from Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

You can also find empty tombs like the one of Vasco da Gama or Luis de Camões

Yes, empty, but is just a way to honor them! Don’t be creepy, you you…searching for dead guys traveler. 

Besides having our VIP deads, the Pantheon has one of the most beautiful views over Lisbon.

The view from upstairs! Please don't sing 'I believe I can fly'...

Entrance to the church

Outside, the Tejo river and Arrábida (the mountain on the horizon)

Such a beautiful view the dead have.
On your right, you can see our Cristo Rei  (King Christ) - National Sanctuary of Christ The King

From the Pantheon you can see the Campo de Santa Clara ( Clara in portuguese is Claire (name) or Clear or even the egg white. To translate this, let's just stick to Saint Claire's Field). 

Campo de Santa Clara

Here happens, every Tuesday and every Saturday a flea market on the street called Feira da Ladra (Woman Thief's Fair)
But, if you prefer, you can call it the Bark's Fair, because in Portuguese when you say to a dog to bark, you say: "Ladra!"
But I think that's not what they meant when they called this market Ladra)...

You can find Portuguese vintage and retro stuff here, it's fun to go. 

Along the market you can find a wonderful colorful mural, made of our typical tiles, from the artist André Saraiva. It has 170 meters (557,74 foot long) and 53 thousand tiles.

Mural of André Saraiva

The ticket to enter the Pantheon is 4€ but every first Sunday of the month is free :D


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