16 de novembro de 2016


"Once upon a time, there was a very poor friar on his pilgrimage. This was a very stubborn, proud and clever friar with his hunger inversely proportional to his money.

As passing by a small village, he had to figure out how to eat without begging for food.

He picked up a stone from the floor, went to the center of the village and made a small fire.

Then he went to the first house and knocked on the door:

- Excuse, I wonder if I can borrow a pan. It’s lunch time and I want to make a soup of this stone.

- What? You’re going to make a soup with… a stone?

- Well yes, haven’t you heard of it? It’s one of my favorites. Really delicious.

- I’ve never heard of it… Here’s a pan. Hum...I have to see this with my own eyes.

With the pan he went to the village’s fountain, took some water and just put the stone inside. The people from the first house were puzzled with this new soup. 

So puzzled they called the neighbors to see this eccentric cooking.

- Ah, how I love this soup! Wonderful! But I think with some salt this would be perfect.
- We can give you some, said the couple from the second house of the village, now I too am curious about it.


The friar put some salt in the water to flavor the stone.

- Much better! How happy I am. The best soup ever. If only it had some chouriço... you know, pork sausage.
- I know what that is, we have several different sausages, we can give you some - said the people of the third house of the village.
- Oh wonderful, wonderful. The best stone’s soup ever!

Everyone was delighted we that soup.

Never, ever, have they seen that kind of thing.

- Oh, this is wonderful! The stone is almost done!
The soup just needs something to thicken it…maybe potato, beans or carrots…


By this time everyone in the village wanted to participate and contribute with something for this strange soup and wonderful soup.

- It’s done, the best soup in the world! As you were so altruistic helping me making the stone soup, I do hope you join me in my meal.

Everyone thanked the good generosity of the friar and tasted the wonderful soup together.

Which was, in fact, wonderful.
 Which is, in fact, wonderful.

I’ve tasted it. 

I’ts a delicacy from Almeirim, a town near Santarém. It isn’t too far away from Lisbon e a well worth trip to taste such a wonderful soup.

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