25 de agosto de 2016


Ah, this beautiful country in the westernmost point of Europe.

No, we do not belong to Spain. 
No, there aren't any brazilians here and we are really bad at samba.

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo is from this country but... from Madeira, a portuguese island near the mainland.

Now that we have clarified these misconceptions we are ready to show you the real Portugal with its unique characteristics.

We love visitors, tourists, travelers, rubbernecks, voyagers, wanderers, riders, pilgrims, wayfarers or simply curious people.

That's why this blog is written in english. So that can be read and understood by everyone. 
(Ok, ok, almost everyone)

Sometimes you may find some mistakes or expressions that they just don't sound right. That happens because we aren't natives in english. 
We are just trying to communicate with the world (and aliens too, if you'll read this) and... in portuguese would be more difficult for you, we think.

So if you find something that it's not right, please do help us and let us know.
We do appreciate!

Nevertheless, now you know two words in portuguese, which you write the same way, have the same meaning and you almost say them in the same way:

Banana and Chocolate


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