27 de agosto de 2016

Through the streets of Alfama

Loureiro's Street (Direct translation: Street of the Laurel Tree - Rua do Loureiro, Alfama, Lisbon)

Here you can find genuine people of Alfama!

Have a beer or a meal in Tasca do Alfredo (the food takes a little bit to come to the table and isn't nothing special but you will get to know typical food and people!)

Tasca do Alfredo (Something like Alfredo's Chophouse)

As you can see, it's not expensive and inside, you'll find a painting of a tram which is just wonderful!

If you have time, walk through the streets of Alfama. Talk to the people.

Ok, most people are elderly and don't speak english, but portuguese people just love tourists and will make an effort to talk to you and help you in anything you need.

In return, they will love to hear you say thank you in portuguese:

Obrigado (if you're a man) or 
Obrigada (if you're a woman)

Vigário's Street (Vicar's Street - Rua do Vigário)

If you come to Lisbon near the 13th of June, you will find this city completely ornate.

All because of Saint Antonio...but that's for another post :)

Travessa de São Miguel

In english, this would be called something like Saint Michael's Bystreet or Saint Michael's Lane.

Or... Saint Michael's Platter. 

"Travessa", in Portuguese, has both meanings but to use in this case is just stupid.

There's also a restaurant called "A Muralha" which has very good food and wine and it's not expensive. But I don't have pictures of it... 

Let me go back there and take some to show you a good place to eat :)

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